“The route of Marmore’s falls” is a constantly changing project, it is not only a travel but also an unforgetable trip in the nature, relax and wine and food. The rivers “Nera” and “Velino” characterize the nature of this territory, and the join of these rivers give birth to Marmore’s falls.

The project “the route of Marmore’s falls”, aims to promote the natural beauties and features of this territory loved by travelers who from all over the Europe had taken part of the “Grand Tour”.

The grand tour included the territories of the route of Marmore’s falls. These territories were a very important transit way to reach the Adriatic areas and Rome “the eternal city”. All the artists who visited these lands were fascinated by their beauty. They dedicated  sonnets, poems and paintings to these beautiful territories. Fascinating examples are the works of Jean Baptiste Camille Corot, pivotal figure of Romanticism and Realism in Europe. William Turner one of the most famous  English Romanticist landscape painter dedicated a watercolor painting to the beauty of Marmore’s falls. We should also mention Cicerone who compared the beauty of this territory to the Tempe Valley, Greek region of Thessaly.


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